Tuesday, March 25, 2008

yoyogi park sights 2008

in 2008 the psychobilly street dancers (like the ones in toxic avenger 2, yes, but 20 years older!) are still around and seem like the ones with more to show. Circle dancing, gaffa taped up boots, 2 cadillacs parked nearby. Barely anyone seems to be under 40 but they still try for the acrobatics. I really cant guess what goes thru their minds, I wish I would. Around them its all tenage bands sounding exactly the same, that emo-y j pop thing, plus some oddities like a hard rock band and a mini rave with people climbing up trees in neon gear and putting sticks thru their noses. I ask an old fleamarket dude, the closest thing to a japanese gypsie ive met so far who only sells broken walkmans and cassette tapes of old time japanese rockers if i can come and sell stuff (its the unofficial one - i know i can sell in the real one if i pay like 10 euros) and he gives me the sign for yakuza (running a finger thru your cheek, signifying a scar) meaning no way, you have to pay the yakuza. i find it quite ludicrous that the yakuza would bother with a 20 stall fleamarket where nothing sells for more than 2000 yen but whatevs. People here are crazy, everything is either controlled by either the yakuza or the police, nothing seems to be left without control...duh
. Nobody in yoyogi performs for money (unlike in Ueno) but to show off. Dude on last picture tho for some reason was singing his heart off to U2 tunes without a mike, facing away from everyone. You could see he had a bit of a setup, and he was in a very public place near a bunch of other performers, but still he was like in a self absorbed trance just singing with or without youuuuu

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