Sunday, March 30, 2008

3 tage wach

I dont feel like uploading pics from my phone right now cos i hav e barely slept in 3 days (worked thursday, friday and saturday at the bar, saturday met my exflatmate for a website job and sunday morning all the bar staff went to do 花見, hanami, watch the cherry blossom and have a picnic and drink in the park straight after work. more on that on a future post.
So im posting some images from this technopo band instead. because the other day somebody asked me, why did you move to berlin, and it really caught me off guard, because im used to being asked why i moved to japan, a question thats as annoying as its unanswerable. And without thinking I said "I wanted to be in the same city as Jeans Team". And i guess its kind of true, however stupid it is.
No matter how worn out ive become with arty, nerdy, vaguely conceptual acts, especially the berlin kind which im most familiar with, they still pull a whole bunch of my strings at once and effortlessly like the first day i saw them, 8 years ago.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was on my first E, but I also saw pizzicato 5 that night and i cant listen to them anymore really.

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