Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dj Funk came offstage, gave everyone a hug and a mix cd and when i asked him to sign my sneakers he said "no man give me something valuable!" so he signed the last page of my passport and told me to go show everyone.
Everyone kept being really shocked that i had done that and i was like, whatever, theres nothing on that page.
Now yesterday i saw a note that says "any modifications or writing in this passport will make it invalid"
I guess thats the kind of thing other people call common sense that i am slightly lacking from. Such shortcomings in my knowledge show up every so often, making my life difficult in unexpected ways.
I hope jap cops dont mind that. Im sure next time i get stopped (talking about which, it hasnt happened in a good 2 weeks - is it the spring?) they will want to know where dj funk lives and everything

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