Wednesday, March 26, 2008

heres some pics of the maywa denki visit that i inflitrated with some dudes at the RCA design interactions department a month or so ago. I have some more in my computer that show more stuff but they are not mine so i cant really post them sawrry.
dude works in a bunker full of crazy stuff. he had most stuff packed for a tour around high schools in minnessotta or somewhere in america so most of what the boss had to show was earlier stuff from college which he admitted was darker (it was all about nightmares he had about freaky fish - like a bow an arrow set shaped like fish bones with the arrow going thru its spine and being shot from the mouth) and that he had become more pop later cos he needed to sell
this is maywa denki in case you are not familiar with their stuff (i talk in plural because they talk about themselves as if they were a family corportation, but it felt a lot like it was one mans vision)
they create strange and funny musical robots

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