Saturday, April 19, 2008

doods im in bogor indonesia with sara. indonesia rules but we are stupidly broke. which is pretty shameful - the landlord in our hotel saved money for years to do a trip all around europe, and brought all the food (and ricecooker and everything!) from home cos she couldnt afford the food in europe. And here we are , asking for a room without bathroom because it costs 4 euros instead of 6.
tomorrow we are going to the jungle and on monday or tuesday we head to yogya where sara
has her gamelan group.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

3 tage wach

I dont feel like uploading pics from my phone right now cos i hav e barely slept in 3 days (worked thursday, friday and saturday at the bar, saturday met my exflatmate for a website job and sunday morning all the bar staff went to do 花見, hanami, watch the cherry blossom and have a picnic and drink in the park straight after work. more on that on a future post.
So im posting some images from this technopo band instead. because the other day somebody asked me, why did you move to berlin, and it really caught me off guard, because im used to being asked why i moved to japan, a question thats as annoying as its unanswerable. And without thinking I said "I wanted to be in the same city as Jeans Team". And i guess its kind of true, however stupid it is.
No matter how worn out ive become with arty, nerdy, vaguely conceptual acts, especially the berlin kind which im most familiar with, they still pull a whole bunch of my strings at once and effortlessly like the first day i saw them, 8 years ago.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was on my first E, but I also saw pizzicato 5 that night and i cant listen to them anymore really.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



i guess....UDON!
heres some pics of the maywa denki visit that i inflitrated with some dudes at the RCA design interactions department a month or so ago. I have some more in my computer that show more stuff but they are not mine so i cant really post them sawrry.
dude works in a bunker full of crazy stuff. he had most stuff packed for a tour around high schools in minnessotta or somewhere in america so most of what the boss had to show was earlier stuff from college which he admitted was darker (it was all about nightmares he had about freaky fish - like a bow an arrow set shaped like fish bones with the arrow going thru its spine and being shot from the mouth) and that he had become more pop later cos he needed to sell
this is maywa denki in case you are not familiar with their stuff (i talk in plural because they talk about themselves as if they were a family corportation, but it felt a lot like it was one mans vision)
they create strange and funny musical robots

i need a viiiiiiiiisaaaaaa
someone give me a viiiiisaaaa quiiick
i need a real joooooooooob
please baby give me a joooob
baby baby
just a job
oh oh
please give me some fake certificates baby
something serious looking babyyyyyy
cat statues and cows dont need visas
neither do cauliflowers or poisonous spiders
and they are more dangerous than i am
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some random images. Installation inside a love hotel, the neons from a cheapo game center in koenji(2 games of street fighter 3 for 60 euro cents, can you beat that?i bet not.they had tekken 5 and of course the ubiquitous Gundam virtual-on ripoff thats nowhere as cool as virtual on and doesnt have the awesome twin sticks)
some cool ad.
a guy in yoyogi park on sunday doing caligraphy in a weird mask. like wtf.

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Akko, the Oden master from Roku, the bar she owns with her husband in shibuya, looking like a fisherman here while she prepares the tshirts for Roku's 3rd birthday (and my 26th!). Shes an absolute angel
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Dj Funk came offstage, gave everyone a hug and a mix cd and when i asked him to sign my sneakers he said "no man give me something valuable!" so he signed the last page of my passport and told me to go show everyone.
Everyone kept being really shocked that i had done that and i was like, whatever, theres nothing on that page.
Now yesterday i saw a note that says "any modifications or writing in this passport will make it invalid"
I guess thats the kind of thing other people call common sense that i am slightly lacking from. Such shortcomings in my knowledge show up every so often, making my life difficult in unexpected ways.
I hope jap cops dont mind that. Im sure next time i get stopped (talking about which, it hasnt happened in a good 2 weeks - is it the spring?) they will want to know where dj funk lives and everything

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

yoyogi park sights 2008

in 2008 the psychobilly street dancers (like the ones in toxic avenger 2, yes, but 20 years older!) are still around and seem like the ones with more to show. Circle dancing, gaffa taped up boots, 2 cadillacs parked nearby. Barely anyone seems to be under 40 but they still try for the acrobatics. I really cant guess what goes thru their minds, I wish I would. Around them its all tenage bands sounding exactly the same, that emo-y j pop thing, plus some oddities like a hard rock band and a mini rave with people climbing up trees in neon gear and putting sticks thru their noses. I ask an old fleamarket dude, the closest thing to a japanese gypsie ive met so far who only sells broken walkmans and cassette tapes of old time japanese rockers if i can come and sell stuff (its the unofficial one - i know i can sell in the real one if i pay like 10 euros) and he gives me the sign for yakuza (running a finger thru your cheek, signifying a scar) meaning no way, you have to pay the yakuza. i find it quite ludicrous that the yakuza would bother with a 20 stall fleamarket where nothing sells for more than 2000 yen but whatevs. People here are crazy, everything is either controlled by either the yakuza or the police, nothing seems to be left without control...duh
. Nobody in yoyogi performs for money (unlike in Ueno) but to show off. Dude on last picture tho for some reason was singing his heart off to U2 tunes without a mike, facing away from everyone. You could see he had a bit of a setup, and he was in a very public place near a bunch of other performers, but still he was like in a self absorbed trance just singing with or without youuuuu

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

party time

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my flatmate hata to the left, having a work lunch

my room. hi!
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portrait of me and suzan onn a cappuccino done by a lousy maid
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mount fuji as seen from the bridge by my house
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Superstar styles for men exclusive olympic preview?
japanese old men can be funky
funny and fuzzy
i wissssh i wissssh i could take the pic from my other phone...what did that old dudes sweater say?something about quitting japanese society because its too strict and you cant party, but in funky engrish (engrish is the warped up english they make up around here)
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a night of unusual messyness in konbinis all over tokyo
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